baking apple pie
Sunglass Dog Miami
Apple pie baking
Backyard on a blanket
Family with baby
Coffee and a book
Pancake making with the family
Coffee cup
Making pies
Making pancakes together
People in a corporate office
Corporate meeting
Corporate office with portrait wall
Editorial Design office
Father and son walking Miami  at home
Mother and daughter at home
Mothers day selfie with candles
Carving a pumpkin halloween
Cape Cod Rockabilly band
Backyard pony rides
Backyard porch
Couple on the floor sipping champagne
Cape Cod Fishing in Harwich Massachusetts
Miami Beach couple
Woman receiving a gift
Family beach day
family walking on the beach
Family ordering lunch
Sunset couple
Piggy back at the beach
The Lord Jeffery Inn, Amherst, Massachusetts
Couple with crew boats
Shipping department Snowing peanuts
Waitress pouring Coffee
Picking wild flowers
Prepping lavender for a party
Couple on a couch laughing
a very young James Bond character
Family gift giving to mom
Tickle fight
Mothers day Gift Giving
Wine with friends and candles
Dinner with friends
Wine with dinner
Wine at the dinner table
Drinking red wine

Lifestyle Location Photography by Michael Paul Photo